How To Make A Sex Tape

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Tiff Bannister and her boyfriend Van Wylde decide to make a naughty sex tape that goes all out, including a blowjob and a hot and heavy pussy pounding! Van Wylde’s stepmom, janet Mason, decides to make a naughty tape of her own but when she reviews it instead of seeing her own pussy fingering she finds her stepson caught on tape.

After calling Van Wylde and Tiff Bannister into her room, Janet Mason explains that she’s not upset about the tape; she’s upset about his technique! She offers to show them how to make a better sex tape, and the young couple reluctantly accepts.

After a brief chat about appropriate lighting, Janet Mason coaxes Tiff Bannister to pull out Van Wylde’s cock and demonstrate her blowjob skills. With Janet Mason’s help, Tiff Bannister is soon going at it like a champ and even introduces licking and sucking Van’s balls to her repertoire.

Tiff Bannister gets a real treat next when she climbs up onto the bed so that her creamy bald pussy is hovering right above Van Wylde’s mouth. While she’s enjoying having her snatch eaten out, Janet Mason takes advantage of Van Wylde’s available stiffie and climbs aboard for a moan-inducing ride.

Van Wylde gets up on his knees to take his stepmom doggy style, but not before Janet Mason has buried her face in Tiff’s cum hungry snatch to go to work with her magic tongue. When Janet Mason is finally convinced that Van Wylde knows how to satisfy a woman she pulls Tiff Bannister to the edge of the bed so that Van Wylde can slide home in her tight twat and bring her to a bucking climax.

Laying down next to Tiff Bannister, Janet Mason presents Van Wylde with a pussy buffet so that he can choose which hole he wants to stick his dick in. Van Wylde loves the variety, switching between the two girls with slow and steady strokes that gradually bring him closer to his ultimate climax.

When they know that Van Wylde is close, Janet Mason helps Tiff Bannister get down on her knees with her boobs at cock level. She waits patiently while Janet Mason jerks Van Wylde off until he explodes all over Tiff Bannister’s full tits! Janet Mason can’t keep her mouth off of Van Wylde’s cum, cleaning it up off the brunette and then snowballing with searing kisses that are the perfect conclusion to their threesome sex tape.

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