Nurse Tina Kay is Drinking The Sperm Bank

Download Nurse Tina Kay is Drinking The Sperm Bank - Cum Perfection

Josh has been accepted as a Sperm Donor. He isn’t prepared however for how hard it is to just cum on demand into a petri dish. Luckily Nurse Tina Kay is on hand to “help out” and soon has the petri dish full of his hot cum. Nurse Tina Kay is so flattered when Josh tells he he was fantasizing about her that she sets about extracting yet another load from Josh’s already drained balls. After intensely fucking Nurse Tina Kay senseless he pours the contents of his very full condom over her lips, face and into her mouth. Which was obviously what Nurse Tina Kay had had in mind from the time she set eyes on Josh. We need more Nurses Like Tina Kay!

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