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Total hotties Kattie Gold and Lena Love snap selfies of themselves kissing on a warm afternoon, and soon their flirting moves to the next level as they exchange tender touches and hold hands. As their passion heats up, the girls take things inside so that they can have some privacy for the fun ahead.

Lena Love and Kattie Gold aren’t shy about removing each other’s clothes between scorching kisses and plenty of time spent enjoying each other’s rock hard nipples and sensitive tits. When Lena Love removes Kattie Gold’s thong, she wins the honor of being the first to enjoy a delightful pussy licking.

Kattie Gold’s landing strip pussy is already wet with anticipation by the time Lena Love kneels down and presses her mouth and tongue to her woman’s moist center. Kattie Gold’s gentle moans fill the room as Lena Love gradually works her magic, using first her tongue alone and then adding her fingers into the mix as Kattie Gold’s cries of pleasure become more insistent.

When Kattie gets up on her hands and knees so that the dripping smoothness of her twat is totally open for Lena Love’s loving, the blonde holds nothing back in her pursuit of pleasure. Pressing two fingers deep into Kattie Gold’s fuck hole, Lena Love works the redhead’s dripping snatch with expert touches until Kattie Gold’s pleasure explodes through her pulsing body.

Next it’s Kattie Gold’s turn to satisfy her lover, and she can hardly wait! Slipping her hand beneath Lena Love’s panties, she tests her woman’s wetness and then works Lena Love’s underwear off entirely so that there’s nothing between her and Lena Love’s stunning body. Laying down on the couch, Kattie Gold pulls Lena Love into the perfect position so that she can eat out the blonde’s juicy pussy with long sweeping strokes of her magical tongue.

Once Lena Love’s breath is coming in breathy pants, Kattie Gold encourages her to get up on her hands and knees so that she can have the same open access to Lena Love’s pussy that her lover had with hers. The redhead slides two fingers home into the tight sheath of Lena Love’s twat, stroking her landing strip pussy with long strokes that get Lena Love moaning her approval.

As she gets even closer to cumming, Lena Love switches positions again so that she’s sitting up in Kattie Gold’s arms with the redhead’s hands sneaking forward to fondle her clit and fuck her horny hole. Soon the blonde succumbs to her pulsing climax that is so strong her whole body shakes with the force of it until she is left smiling and sated.

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Watch free webcams!

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Watch free webcams!
Watch free webcams!