Hope Howell gets Sex tips from the Stepmom

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Hope Howell’s bf stops by to help load up the truck because she’s going away to college. He’s tall, buff and strong. He’s in the garage picking up boxes, breaking a sweat. Seems like the stepmom, Bridgette B, is getting turned on by this. Especially when Jake takes his shirt off. She couldn’t keep her eyes off of him. Hope Howell had no clue what was going on. She heads upstairs to make sure she doesn’t leave anything behind. Bad move! Bridgette B couldn’t resist herself. She wanted the bf’s cock in her mouth. Sucking away until Hope Howell catches them in the act. But, Hope Howell isn’t that mad. She joins in on the fun. Hardcore threesome before she goes off to college. No worries, the stepmom will keep an eye on him while she’s gone.

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