Fucking With My StepBrother

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Download Emma Hix & Moka Mora in Fucking With My StepBrother Logan Long - StepSiblingsCaught
Download Emma Hix & Moka Mora in Fucking With My StepBrother Logan Long - StepSiblingsCaught

Emma Hix and Moka Mora are hanging out in Emma’s bedroom taking selfies. The two girls take their clothes off and put other clothes on as they try them on with each other. Meanwhile, Emma’s stepbrother Logan Long plays a prank by putting saran wrap over the toilet. Then starts recording the girls while masturbating. Later, Emma falls victim to his prank. Then the girls agree to get him back by drawing on his cock while he’s asleep.

Later, when Logan Long lays down for a nap, Emma Hix and Moka Mora make their move. They unzip Logan’s pants and pull his cock out before drawing on it. He wakes up and demands that they clean him off. They get on their knees and wipe his hardon with panties. But it doesn’t work. They then start spitting on him and stroking until he covers them both with a shot of cum.

When the girls reconvene in their bedroom and start talking about it. They realize that they’re both turned on by what happened earlier. Emma Hix shows Moka Mora her double sided dildo, and they agree to try it out together. Emma has a bit of experience with other girls while Moka doesn’t. So Emma takes it upon herself to show Moka how much fun it can be to kiss girls and play with their breasts.

As they both get hotter and hornier, Emma Hix peels off Moka Mora’s thong and slides the dildo into her tight twat. Moka’s bald pussy is wet and ready, especially as Emma strokes her girlfriend’s clit and then starts licking it. Soon Moka’s moans fill the room and she whimpers to Emma that she’s going to cum.

Encouraged by what she discovered with Emma Hix, Moka Mora decides it’s her turn to try things out. She kisses Emma into the position she wants her girlfriend, and then slides the toy into her bare twat. Setting the dildo down, Moka caresses Emma’s breasts while Logan Long sneaks in from behind and starts fucking his stepsister without her knowledge.

When Emma Hix realizes that it’s not a dildo pounding her pussy, she orders Logan Long to keep his mouth shut and make her cum again. He’s happy to oblige, pounding away at that greedy fuck hole before giving Moka Mora the same treatment. When Moka gets on her knees with Emma laying beneath her. Logan fucks her into orgasmic bliss while Moka feasts on her friend’s snatch. Moments later, Logan gives her a creampie of jizz that drips into Emma’s mouth.

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