Charlotte Cross in Not Wearing a Wire

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Download Charlotte Cross in Not Wearing a Wire with Ryan Driller - Pretty Dirty
Download Charlotte Cross in Not Wearing a Wire with Ryan Driller - Pretty Dirty

Stepmother Charlotte Cross is soaking in the tub when her stepson Ryan Driller enter the chic Las Vegas condo. She doesn’t flinch when he walks into the bathroom and shuts off the faucet. Ryan Driller comments that she looks awfully calm considering his father is sitting in prison under federal investigation.

She climbs out of the tub and walks onto the balcony butt naked. He lectures her for drawing attention to herself when she should be laying low. Charlotte Cross tells Ryan Driller to relax. At least he knows she’s not wearing a wire. And besides, they have the best lawyers in town to keep the feds at bay.

Ryan Driller is less optimistic. He’s here to make sure nothing goes wrong, like Charlotte Cross standing naked on the balcony. She agrees to go inside, but she wants a kiss. Ryan Driller recites a list of reasons for saying no, not the least of which are because she’s practically his mother, even though he’s older than her.

Charlotte Cross sits beside him on the sofa but refuses to put on some clothes. When he covers her tits with his jacket, she tosses it off and spreads her legs. She insists he does something for her. Ryan Driller tries to get it through her pretty little head that if anyone finds out they’ll both look bad. Charlotte Cross will look like a gold digger. He paints the picture of a hot little girl who shows up out of nowhere and marries a much older rich man, right before his dad gets busted. She could be the rat.

Charlotte Cross agrees she could be the rat. There is plenty she could divulge about his family. Ryan Driller tells her to watch out because he can make her disappear. Charlotte Cross puts him in his place. The only thing Ryan Driller can make disappear is his father’s money. Ryan Driller thinks he’s a gangster but he’s nothing without his daddy’s money. She reminds him how badly she can implicate him personally. She will rat him out unless he gives her what she wants. In case she means business, Ryan Driller puts his dick in her mouth. It might keep her quiet.

She gingerly straddles his lap and slowly feeds it into her pussy. He grabs her ass, pushing himself deeper inside. She spins around facing forward and rides his throbbing dick. He stands up to fuck her with gusto from behind. His thrusting picks up speed till she cums on his cock. She flips onto her back and berates him for fucking his daddy’s wife. She begs for his cum and he jerks his load right into her mouth.

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