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Damon Dice and his girlfriend Alison Rey missed the bus. Their teacher Brett Rossi spies them walking home and offers them a ride after she swings by her house. The students follow her inside, and Brett Rossi takes the opportunity to have a talk with them about having sex at school. She wants to keep them from getting in trouble, so she offers them her place to get it on instead.

Damon Dice and Alison Rey start making out to take Brett Rossi up on her offer. It’s not long before they’re in full on fuck mode, with Alison Rey mounted on Damon Dice’s stiffie and going to town riding him while he gropes her perky tits. Brett Rossi can’t help but spy on her students, which gets her totally hot to the point where she grabs her big boobs and slides her hand down to stroke her clit.

When Damon Dice and Alison Rey notice their teacher watching, Brett Rossi takes charge of the situation by ordering Damon Dice to lick her pussy and Alison Rey to suck her tits. The two coeds are amenable to being told what to do, which kicks off a total threesome fuckfest! Soon Brett Rossi and Alison Rey are sucking happily away at Damon Dice’s cock before spreading their legs to let him take them to pleasure town.

Only after he has satisfied his two girls does Damon Dice take his pleasure. Brett Rossi and Alison Rey work together to jerk him off, and when he’s finally ready to explode Brett aims Damon Dice’s dick at Alison Rey to give her a cum facial. From there Brett Rossi licks her student’s face clean as they bask in the afterglow of a good time together.

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