Do What Mom Says

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Download Anya Olsen & Cherie Deville in Do What Mom Says - Moms Teach Sex - Nubiles
Download Anya Olsen & Cherie Deville in Do What Mom Says - Moms Teach Sex - Nubiles

Anya Olsen and Tyler Nixon are having a lusty makeout session that involves plenty of tit play. Tyler Nixon is just anticipating a lusty blowjob courtesy of Anya Olsen’s wet and wild mouth when Anya Olsen’s stepmom Cherie Deville finds them on the couch. She leads Tyler Nixon out of the room by his cock, and then decides to punish him by leading him into the shower to wash his dirty dick. Then Cherie lets Tyler Nixon know that if he wants to be a man and fuck her stepdaughter he’d better be man enough to fuck her first.

Tyler Nixon is hesitant at first, but Cherie Deville’s aggression is a total turnon for him. Soon enough he is pounding away at Cherie Deville’s creamy bald twat as he rage fucks her. When Anya Olsen walks in on them and tries to protest that her stepmom is doing her boyfriend, Cherie Deville takes the opportunity to bring Anya Olsen in on the punishment as well. She tells her stepdaughter to strip, and then to plant her landing strip pussy on her mouth.

Now that all three of them are getting some, Cherie Deville continues to call the shots but with everyone’s ultimate pleasure in mind. She gives her redheaded stepdaughter some pleasure by ordering Tyler Nixon to stick his dick in her for a doggy style pounding, then goes back to eating Anya Olsen out while her own pussy gets filled. Cherie Deville keeps it up, making sure to take Tyler Nixon first and foremost even after the girls switch to riding him hard and fast.

The rough treatment is a big turn on for all three of them, leaving Tyler Nixon especially on edge. When it’s Anya Olsen’s turn to ride him, it’s not long before he loses his battle to keep from cumming. He doesn’t pull out, instead glutting Anya Olsen with a creampie of cum that drips out to become a delicious treat for Cherie Deville to lap up and snowball with Anya Olsen.

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