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Download Jessa Rhodes & Lucy Doll in Stepmom Steps In - Moms Teach Sex - Nubiles
Download Jessa Rhodes & Lucy Doll in Stepmom Steps In - Moms Teach Sex - Nubiles

Jessa Rhodes is helping her stepdaughter get ready for her date when she learns that Lucy Doll knows almost nothing about sex. The girls have a chat about sex and blowjobs and enjoy some bonding when a knock on the door interrupts them. Jessa Rhodes leaves Lucy Doll to get ready and lets Damon Dice in.

Jessa Rhodes offers to get Damon Dice some water, but when she drops the bottle she finds herself on her hands and knees with Damon Dice beside her. He can’t help but get an eyeful of her panties beneath her miniskirt while they clean up. Jessa Rhodes takes advantage of the situation, pressing Damon Dice’s hand to her needy snatch and then stealing a kiss. That’s how Lucy Doll finds them.

Jessa Rhodes takes this opportunity to bring both Lucy Doll and Damon Dice upstairs so that she can give Lucy Doll a hands-on lesson to help her be more comfortable with her sexuality. Damon Dice is happy to participate, especially once he catches a glimpse of Lucy Doll’s small boobs and dark nipples beneath the teen’s sheer bra. Soon the couple is making out while Jessa Rhodes works on getting her own clothes off.

Gently guiding Lucy Doll to take off Damon Dice’s pants and then stroke his cock, Jessa Rhodes gradually works on getting her stepdaughter comfortable with a man’s penis. Her next lesson involves showing Lucy Doll how to suck cock, a lesson that the brunette takes to almost immediately. Soon Lucy Doll is slurping away at her treat, happily bobbing her head and using her hands to stimulate Damon Dice even further.

Once Lucy Doll has mastered cock sucking and even deep throating, Jessa Rhodes moves on to the next lesson. She orders Damon Dice to lay down on the bed so that Lucy Doll can hover over him and slowly work her way down onto his stiffie. Once she gets used to the feeling of Damon Dice’s dick inside of her, Lucy Doll is an insatiable whirlwind of pumping hips and needy moans that can’t get enough of having her bald pussy pounded.

Assured that Lucy Doll is going to be okay on her own for a bit, Jessa Rhodes decides to get some pleasure of her own by mounting Damon Dice’s face so that he can eat her landing strip snatch out. She rides in time with Lucy Doll, forcing Damon Dice to do double duty to keep his women pleased.

As soon as Jessa Rhodes has helped bring Lucy Doll to climax, she replaces her stepdaughter on Damon Dice’s cock and kicks off a wild titty-bouncing ride. Lucy Doll is a quick study, making her way to Damon Dice’s mouth so that she can enjoy having her pussy licked and sucked while keeping her mouth busy suckling Jessa Rhodes’ bouncing boobs.

Falling onto her back, Lucy Doll spreads her legs so that Damon Dice can go to work pounding away at her needy twat. Now that she’s had a taste of fucking she can’t get enough, and both Damon Dice and Jessa are happy to oblige! Even when it’s Jessa Rhodes’ turn to have Damon Dice’s attention once again, the blonde is happy to give her stepdaughter the pussy licking that Lucy Doll craves.

Although Damon Dice loves every moment of this impromptu encounter, he can’t last forever. Fucking Jessa Rhodes brings him right to the edge, so Lucy Doll gets her final lesson of the day: enjoying her lover’s cum. Damon Dice has quite the load for his eager student, and when he blasts all over Lucy Doll’s face and Jessa Rhodes’ back Lucy Doll discovers that she has a taste for it! She swallows what she can, then goes to work licking Jessa Rhodes’ back and Damon Dice’s dick clean as she savors the last moments of her first threesome.

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