How to make the School Girl Marica Hase Happy

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Bruce and Marica Hase are cramming for finals. Bruce always had a thing for Marica Hase. Marica Hase being a hot, little asian with a pretty face and a bangin body. But Bruce never had the guts to do anything about it. Today might be that day. As she catches him staring at her from across the table he starts to imagine what he might do to her. A late night of partying puts his hopes of a possible hook up out of the question as he nods out. The fantasy is still alive in his head though and it produces an unforgettable, lucid dream. Bruce cant believe whats happening, but takes full control of this opportunity by submerging his face into Marica Hase’s tiny, tight pussy. This dream is everything expected filled with plenty of sucking, fucking, squirting, and cumming. With a mouthful of cum Marica Hase thanks Bruce. Meanwhile in reality Marica Hase is done studying and wakes Bruce up leaving him very confused.

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