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Download Sweet Release with Ashley Sinclair and Jillian Janson - Moms Teach Sex - Nubiles

Johnny Castle is banged up with two sprained wrists. He’s being taken care of by his step sister Jillian Janson, but when Jillian Janson finds Johnny Castle’s boner he manages to convince her to help him have the release that he craves. Jillian Janson is hesitant at first, especially since she fears that their step mom Ashley Sinclair might find out, but she eventually gives in.

Although Jillian Janson starts out with just a reluctant handjob, Johnny Castle soon convinces her to put her sassy mouth to work. Things get awkward when Ashley Sinclair walks in on the step siblings engaged oral sex, but after Jillian Janson explains the situation to her Ashley Sinclair offers to help.

Once the two girls are engaged, Ashley Sinclair decides to use this opportunity as a teaching moment for Jillian Janson. Jillian Janson teaches her step daughter all of the best tricks and techniques for delivering a blowjob that will drive any man wild, and then joins Jillian Janson as they combine forces to get Johnny Castle’s cock rock hard.

Ashley Sinclair and Jillian Janson take things a step farther by stripping naked for Johnny Castle’s pleasure, and then go back to work with their mouths with the goal of getting him super hard so that Jillian Janson can learn how to ride a long man stick.

Ashley Sinclair takes the time to get Jillian Janson situated, and then climbs onto Johnny Castle’s face to plant her landing strip pussy right above his mouth. He takes the hint, working her creamy fuck hole with his lips and tongue until Ashley Sinclair is moaning in approval. The girls eventually switch places so that Ashley Sinclair can enjoy the solidness of Johnny Castle’s dick buried deep in her cock craving snatch.

When Ashley Sinclair lies down on the bed, the girls switch things up to help Johnny Castle be a more active participant in their lovemaking. Johnny Castle is able to get up on his knees and pound away at Ashley Sinclair’s fuck hole while Jillian Janson takes her turn at having her slit worshipped by her step mom’s talented tongue.

With their bodies thrumming with eagerness, Ashley Sinclair and Jillian Janson get up on their hands and knees to present a side-by-side pussy buffet for Johnny Castle’s pleasure. Johnny Castle takes turns pounding away at their snatches in doggy style, and then waits for them to shift into a 69 so that he can sink his cock into Ashley Sinclair’s twat once more.

With the throbbing warmth of Ashley Sinclair’s pussy all around him, Johnny finally feels the sweet release he craves almost upon him. He pulls out at the last moment, leaving the final stimulation to Jillian Janson as she uses her hands to coax him to cum all over her waiting face and mouth. Not wanting to be left out, Ashley Sinclair turns around and licks Jillian Janson’s face clean until the women end their lovemaking with a kiss.

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Watch free webcams!