Remy La Croix back on the Bang Bus!

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Bang Bus returns with Remy La Croix! Who else better than this fine babe? Even though it’s a rainy day, Remy La Croix is down for whatever. Remy La Croix wants it all! Ass, dick, pussy even a threesome. Whatever is clever for her. Trying to stay dry, we ended up in a store parking garage looking for some action. Sure enough we got lucky. Remy La Croix pointed out a couple and wanted them all to herself. Remy La Croix made them feel comfortable and off came the panty. Remy La Croix licked her pussy until she creamed and hopped on the boyfriends dick. They both took turns. Remy La Croix bounced that fat ass on his dick until he busted a nut. Remy La Croix wasn’t done yet! Then we scooped up a Latino out the rain and made his dreams come true. Enjoy!

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3 comments to “Remy La Croix back on the Bang Bus!

  1. Anfertri

    Does anybody know the name of the other girl in this video???

  2. howard

    The latino guy at 37:10 is smiling because he knows that he takes girls easily. Lucky guy.
    I only liked the second part the video, when the Remy Lacroix pleases him. Smiling victorious boy, all for him is more easy. Lucky bastard, for him to fuck girls is so easy like a playing.

    • howard

      For that guy, pussy of the girls are so easy to lick like they were simple lolipops or icecreams. Remy was only one more pussy he proved easily. Things for him are more easy. Bastard.

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Watch free webcams!
Watch free webcams!