Weekend Boff with Sandra Otterson – Wifey’s World

[videojs mp4=”http://cs541302v4.vk.me/u103315215/videos/40363b56e4.720.mp4″ height=”410″]

Sometimes you just gotta fuck, you know what I mean? I LOVE the roleplaying and many times it really gets me into the mood, but sometimes when we film I just want to take my clothes off, suck his dick and then have him climb up on me and fuck me like he can’t control himself. This update was like that..

I’ve been in a super “horned up” mood lately. I mean, I am basically always a horndog, but the last few days I feel like I’m almost in heat or something. I’ve been masturbating to orgasm three or four times a day and we have fucked A LOT. So, this is good..

This update was shot at a flat we’re going to use for a little while. Its a nice little getaway place and just walking in the door almost makes me wet because I know what it’s for. It’s a fuck pad basically.

Anyway, I loved this week’s update. I forgot my damned vibrator at the office so we had to drive clear over after we shot this just so I could have an orgasm. Hub got really worked up watching me so I milked another load out of him also. So, two cumshots this week for the price of one.. 😉

Hope you enjoy..

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