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Karla Kush and Anna Lynn weren’t able to hang out for quite some time. To remedy the situation, they decided to plan a lunch date. Karla Kush came over to pick Anna Lynn up, but she wouldn’t answer any calls or even open the front door, so Karla Kush let herself in. There she found Anna Lynn half-dressed and taking an afternoon nap on the couch. Karla Kush was pretty upset, and Anna Lynn insisted she would make it up to her someway. She pleaded with Anna Lynn to just get up off the couch and get ready. As they made their way to her bedroom, Karla Kush caught a nice view of Anna Lynn’s beautiful ass and immediately figured out exactly how she could make it up to her. After all the kissing, licking, sucking, scissoring and pleasuring, they both ended up taking a nap.

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