On A Mission To Seduce You

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Danica Dillon is enjoying some gardening when she is approached by Cody Steele, who is on a mission to talk religion. Danica Dillon invites him inside to use the restroom and lets him know that she’ll get Tysen Rich and Sammie Daniels from the back yard. Little does Danica Dillon know that Danica Dillon is sunbathing nude while Tysen Rich rubs lotion into the blonde’s back!

Tysen Rich quickly talks Cody into helping her out before he flees to the bathroom. Danica Dillon, Sammie Daniels, and Tysen Rich agree to share him and then use his tie to guide him to the couch to take care of Cody’s problem!

The girls take their time pulling out Cody’s cock, and within just a few seconds Danica Dillon brings him to a quick climax all over his belly. Danica Dillon orders Cody to go sit on the other side of the room and watch so that the girls can give him a show to go with his climax. Warming up, they exchange kisses and work on getting naked together.

Tysen Rich is the first to find herself in the middle of the attention with Danica Dillon’s fingers pressed deep into her tight little pussy and Sammie Daniels’ magic tongue working her slit. When the trio changes places, Danica Dillon finds herself on her back with Sammie Daniels’ fingers pushed deep while Tysen Rich rides her stepmom’s face.

Next it’s Sammie Daniels’ turn to enjoy some sensual fun. Danica Dillon is all over eating out the blonde’s juicy snatch while Tysen Rich uses her warm soft tongue on her girlfriend’s tits until her nipples are rock hard. Sammie Daniels helps to rearrange Tysen Rich and Danica Dillon into a chain of pussy fingering with her fingers buried in Tysen Rich’s twat while Tysen Rich gives Danica Dillon the same treatment.

Finally Sammie Daniels gets her share of the attention when Danica Dillon sits on her face for a pussy licking while she and Tysen work Sammie Daniels’ sweet snatch. Sammie Daniels can’t hold back her orgasmic moans, making it clear that she loves everything she’s feeling!

Now that all of the girls have had a bit of satisfaction, they can really get creative. Their next position is a love triangle so that each of them can pleasure one another’s fuck holes. Then Sammie Daniels and Tysen Rich finish their sexy afternoon by working together to pleasure Danica Dillon’s landing strip twat until Tysen Rich’s stepmom gasps her orgasmic bliss and completes Cody’s peep show.

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Watch free webcams!
Watch free webcams!