Threesome Caught On Camera

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Download Amanda Tate & Charity Lane's Threesome Caught On Camera - GFRevenge
Download Amanda Tate & Charity Lane's Threesome Caught On Camera - GFRevenge

My girlfriend Amanda Tate got me a camera for my birthday and I never got around to using it. One day when I was bored, I pulled out the camera and started to film Amanda and her girlfriend Veronica (Charity Lane) as they were taking their sweet ass time getting ready for their job interviews. And I mean sweet asses! These girls came out wearing nothing but tight white tank tops and fitting jeans with their slutty thongs sticking out from their pants! You could say I was instantly sprung! Not wanting to let these sexy ladies leave for their job without getting a blowjob first, I hid the keys from them. Luckily for me, my girlfriend Amanda Tate knew that I was hiding them in my pants! What her busty best friend realized is that I was also hiding something else–my rock hard cock! These ladies got instantly dripping wet just thinking about stripping out of their sexy uniforms. They were wearing nothing but their thin ass thongs! I could tell that the amazing Amanda Tate just wanted to kiss and lick her hot friends tits! These girls started making out on the couch. They were sucking on each others tits and clits! Then they practically begged for me to pound their pussies! This camera was by far the greatest birthday gift I’ve ever got–because I caught this hot threesome all on tape!

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