Back In High School with August Ames

Download Back In High School with August Ames - Nuru Massage

August Ames was always a bit of a prude in high school, and it led to a pretty bad breakup between her and her high school sweetheart Clover. Now, years later, Clover gets a call out of the blue from August Ames, who wants to prove to him that she’s changed, and to make up for some lost time. August Ames leads him by his dick into the shower, where she rubs his body down with soap and oil. Then things get even steamier when August Ames takes a seat on Clover’s big dick and rides it the way he always wished she would when they were together. But the best surprise is yet to come, as August Ames shows him the Nuru massage techniques that taught her how to open up to intimacy. She’s not a prude anymore, but will her new bold attitude be too much for Clover to handle?

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