Cops and Daughters

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When Tiffany Bannister got busted sucking cock outside the trade school, the arresting officer brought that teen slut home to her new step-mother Diamond Foxx. Of course all Diamond Foxxx wanted to know is if Tiffany Bannister sucked that cock properly, like a real hungry skank would. When Diamond Foxxx didn’t believe she did, Tiffany Bannister dared her to do it better, and show off her skills on the arresting officer that brought her home. Once Tiffany Bannister got cuffed just like she asked, Tiffany Bannister took that whole dick deep in her throat, and showed just how low she could go. Watching the fun got that Milf Diamond Foxxx so horny she just couldn’t hold back, and showed off her own expert cocksucking skills. Then both lusty ladies fucked their fill, and took turns banging the horny policeman in this epic threesome!

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