Anita Berlusconi and Shrima in The Pickup

Download Anita Berlusconi and Shrima in The Pickup - Euro Sex Parties - Reality Kings

JJ and Renato went to pick up two young and sexy ladies, Anita Berlusconi and Shrima. Shirma was visiting from Russia, and a Anita Berlusconi was a local Hungary who wanted to show her friend around. It started raining, and Anita Berlusconi close friend JJ was right around the corner. Anita Berlusconi always had a great time with JJ and his friends, so she figured Shirma would be more than happy hanging out on this dreary day. The four went back to the apartment to warm-up with a cup of tea, and things got much hotter. Talk of sex and what their pussies look like got everyone in the mood, and soon, Shrima’s beautifully trimmed pussy was exposed along with Anita Berlusconi’s, which was shaved smooth. These two were very petite but still had full figures that were nice and toned. They had eager appetites for sex and quickly got into it, as they sucked away and had their holes filled. Shrima got covered in cum by Renato leaving her bush glistening and she joined Anita Berlusconi to suck off Tyler until the very end.

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