Lindsey Woods Cast Megan Rain Ep1

Download Lindsey Woods Cast Megan Rain Ep1 - Nubiles-Casting - Nubiles

Latina hottie Lindsey Woods is trying her hand at interviewing for Nubiles. Her first candidate is the sweet and petite Megan Rain, whose curvy body would make her a total hit! Megan Rain isn’t shy about pulling off her short dress so that Lindsey Woods can admire her subject’s tight ass in its high thong and her small boobs that are hugged by a white bra.

Lindsey Woods just can’t keep her hands off Megan Rain, but that’s okay because Megan Rain is returning the favor as she peels Lindsey Woods’ clothes off! Soon both girls are naked and ready to enjoy eating each other out! Lindsey Woods goes first, burying her face in Megan Rain’s shaved pussy before switching spots so that Megan Rain can enjoy a pussy feast of her own.

Lindsey Woods decides that Megan Rain is all warmed up, so she brings in the lucky man who will help Megan Rain show off her hardcore skills. Megan Rain is happy to get down on her knees and give a juicy blowjob while Lindsey Woods caresses and coaxes her on, but Megan Rain’s true happiness is the moment she gets her shaved snatch stuffed and pounded by a hard cock!

There’s no doubt that Megan Rain has what it takes to be a hit on Nubiles so Lindsey Woods joins in on the fun, turning this casting session into a horny three-way that only ends when the girls take turns sucking their man off until he explodes all over their eager waiting faces!

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