Pretty thief Madlin Caught and Creamed

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Hiding out in a barn on the estate of the baron for whom she works, servant girl Madlin is looking over some jewels she’s stolen from the Baron’s wife when suddenly the Baron’s son, played by Ricky Stone, discovers this pretty thief in the act. Uh-oh…!!

He could report her to the authorities, who would take her away and flog her in a dungeon, but instead Ricky Stone will go lenient if Madlin will let him fuck her ass.

Yep, all this poor girl clearly had to do for jewelry was give up her tight butthole to his huge dick, with time-outs for a little cock sucking as well! Ricky Stone finally returns to her bottom for some doggie style and then splatters her cheeks with his sperm.

Ricky Stone won’t report Madlin to his parents, the Baron and Baroness, and in fact he’ll show her a little generosity by taking back all but one of the jewels. Madlin is delighted when he rewards her for their ass-fuck with a pair of the Baroness’s ancestral earrings. And they look so much better on Madlin than on his mother!

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