Sierra Cure in Noisy Babysitter

Download Sierra Cure in Noisy Babysitter - Burning Angel

After Sierra Cure patiently listened to a long-winded story about why the last three babysitters had been fired and how loud the neighbor was, overbearing dad finally left to play nine holes of golf – yes, time to flick the bean! She is all for following instructions, but masturbating quietly is not Sierra Cure’s strong point. She was startled and fucking pissed off by a loud knock on the door as she was about to cum – apparently Sierra Cure was so loud, the neighbor Bill Bailey thought her ‘cat’ was making too much noise. Of course she had ‘no idea’ what he was talking about and she’d try to fix the issue by lying her pretty little tits off. Resuming her noise, Bill Bailey couldn’t take it anymore and burst through the door to find her knuckle-deep inside herself! But poor Sierra Cure explained she still lived with her parents and this was her only time to get off! Guess who was more than happy to lend her a helping hand, a stiff cock, and a tongue fucking to the ass?

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