Taylor Whyte and Brandi Love Is In The Bare

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Taylor Whyte and Van were working on a college assignment, and Van was very stressed out about it. Taylor Whyte’s step mom, Brandi Love, came in and told Van that he needed to relax. Taylor Whyte was tired of his stressed out attitude, so she went to the mall for a few hours. While Taylor Whyte was gone, Van stayed to work on the assignment. Brandi Love came in and saw how stressed out he also was and told him he needed a massage. She took him to her massage table and began rubbing him down. Then Brandi Love put her big tits close to his face while she massaged his chest. She continued rubbing and noticed he was getting a hard on. Brandi Love pointed it out, and he got embarrassed and covered it up. She told him to relax and peeled his towel off. Brandi Love liked what she saw and began stroking his cock. Taylor Whyte had just come back from the mall and saw them. Van jumped up, but Taylor Whyte told him to relax because she had told her step mom to do that before she left. Taylor Whyte and Brandi Love then began double teaming his cock. They stroked it and sucked on his cock and balls. Brandi Love put her pussy on his face while Taylor Whyte sucked on his dick. Then they took turns getting fucked until Brandi Love stroked the cream out of his cock and onto Taylor Whyte’s pretty face.

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