Samantha Bentley in a Net of Pleasure

Download Samantha Bentley in a Net of Pleasure - Euro Sex Parties - Reality Kings

Samantha Bentley hopped over from England to Budapest to get slammed by two Euro guys. Samantha Bentley said she wanted to be fucked, roughed up and double penetrated. Samantha Bentley talked a lot of shit, but she pulled it all off. This English chick could fuck with the best of them. Samantha Bentley took a dick in her ass like it was nothing. It was super HOT watching her get plowed in her ass and pussy at the same time. No doubt, Samantha Bentley took it and loved every inch. In the end, she took their jizz all over her pretty face and tits. Who said English girls were all well mannered and never naughty? This English muffin loved it rough and hard in her, well, muffin and sweet biscuit.

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