Cadence Lux in Almost Caught With My Brother

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Download Cadence Lux in Almost Caught With My Brother with Johnny Castle - Pretyy Dirty
Download Cadence Lux in Almost Caught With My Brother with Johnny Castle - Pretyy Dirty

While Cadence Lux and her husband are vacationing in Las Vegas, which happens to be where her stepbrother Johnny Castle lives. Johnny Castle’s on his way to their hotel room and Cadence Lux is so excited to see him. Cadence Lux husband doesn’t like him much or trust him, but lingerie-clad Cadence Lux brushes off his concerns. And she refuses to put on clothes when she opens the door for her big brother. Johnny Castle scoops her up and twirls her in his arms then throws her husband some backhanded compliments. The poor sap heads into the shower leaving the siblings alone to catch up.

The second he turns on the water, Cadence Lux and Johnny Castle jump each other’s bones. She lies on the bed with her legs spread. She wants him so bad her eyes roll back before his tongue makes contact with her pussy. She pulls off his pants, sits on his face and sucks his huge cock till it’s going to burst. Her husband calls out looking for his razor, but she staves him off.

After they’re briefly interrupted, Cadence Lux pushes her luck daring to fuck Johnny Castle with her husband in the next room. She splays her legs on his lap and bounces on his cock in reverse cowgirl. He finger fucks the squirt out of her pussy, then he pummels her deeply from behind.

It’s another close call when her husband comes into the bedroom. Johnny Castle ducks behind the bed leaving Cadence Lux to explain where Johnny Castle went and why she’s naked in bed. After she shoos her husband back into the shower, she gets back to choking on Johnny Castle’s cock. He makes her apologize for getting married then he cums all over her face!

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