Hula Hooping with Sizi Sev

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There’s nothing like watching beautiful ebony babe Sizi Sev put on a show with a hula hoop. Sizi Sev shakes her hips and teases her ass while she twerks. We asked this sexy slut how she got to be so good at the hula hoop and Sizi Sev laughed and said she taught herself from all the dick she’s been riding over the years! Once Sizi Sev’s done with her hula hoop, she comes over to the couch to cool down. Sizi Sev’s feeling so hot after shaking her perfectly round ass for the camera that she whips off her tank top, revealing her delicious titties! Sizi Sev strips out of her clothes and immediately begins to feverously masturbate! Ms. Sizi Sev sure is a wild and horny babe and after making herself cum in seconds by rubbing her clit and pussy, Sizi Sev demands that we get her a big, fat cock–immediately! Sizi Sev then sucks cock, putting her perfect dick sucking lips to good use while showing off her beautiful eye contact throughout! Looks like Sizi Sev wanted more practice for hula hooping, because she hopped onto Logan Long’s cock and rode him until she came multiple times, shaking her ass and bouncing her tits just like the hula hoop hottie she is!

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