Bailey Brooke in Caught Sexting My Boss’s Husband

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Download Bailey Brooke in Caught Sexting My Boss's Husband with Marcus London - Nuru Massage
Download Bailey Brooke in Caught Sexting My Boss's Husband with Marcus London - Nuru Massage

It’s been a few weeks since masseuse Bailey Brooke started sleeping with Steve, the husband of her boss Maya Divine. Bailey Brooke and Steve sext each other naked pics all day long, until Maya catches Bailey Brooke snapping a photo of her pussy! Maya reprimands Bailey Brooke for her unprofessional behavior at work, but she doesn’t realize the recipient Steve is her husband.

Bailey Brooke hurriedly texts Steve about the nearly missed disaster as she ducks into a massage room to snap her pussy pic from somewhere more private. Her robe is off and she’s posing when Maya’s brother Marcus London walks in. Bailey Brooke is startled so badly she drops the phone. Marcus London grabs her phone before she can retrieve it, and when he sees the pussy pic in transit to its recipient Steve, he figures out the deal with Bailey Brooke and his cheating brother-in-law.

Marcus London is about to march off and expose the affair to Maya, when Bailey Brooke desperately and flirtatiously offers him anything not to tell. He soaks in another eyeful of her sexy naked body, and he asks for one of those massage treatments. He lets her undress him and follows her onto the mat.

After covering him in the thick jelly liquid, Bailey Brooke straddles his ass and drags her lubed up pussy across it. With all her wiggling on his backside, he can’t wait to turn over and fuck her. He reaches back and fingers her juicy pussy. She tit fucks his dick, then sucks it while he eats her pussy. She slides onto his cock in reverse cowgirl, then she spins around and rides him hard. He sideloads her pussy and fucks her till he cums all over her mound. Think she’ll keep her promise and sext Marcus London from now on instead?

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