Open House with Jenna J Foxx

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Download Open House with Jenna J Foxx - Black GFs
Download Open House with Jenna J Foxx - Black GFs

My girlfriend Jenna J Foxx and I went to go check out some houses. We arrived at the last house for the day and checked it out. Jenna J Foxx was taking a look around the house, but all I could do was stare at her ass in those tight denim jeans! It wasn’t before long until we moved up to the bedroom, where Jenna J Foxx started jumping on the bed and teasing me by bouncing up and down with her huge tits! Jenna J Foxx laid out on the bed and all I could see was her snatch sneaking out of her shorts! Jenna J Foxx didn’t want to fool around in a house that wasn’t hers, but after she twerked a little, she was ready to have some fun in the bed that was soon to be ours! Jenna J Foxx finally agreed to a strip tease, but once she was naked before me she saw the huge erection in my pants and quickly wanted to suck me dry! Jenna J Foxx rode my dick with her tits and ass on full display! We’ll have to go look at more open houses soon–since they get my girlfriend dripping wet!

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