Cookout with Khloe Kapri

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Download Cookout with Khloe Kapri - GF Revenge
Download Cookout with Khloe Kapri - GF Revenge

My girlfriend, Khloe Kapri, and I went to the park for a nice barbeque. It was Khloe Kapri’s idea as she thought it would be romantic. Honestly, I just was hoping that my slutty girlfriend would be down to fuck. Lucky for me, my girlfriend loves to get dirty, even in a public park! Looks like this whole cookout idea was just an excuse for Khloe Kapri to get on her knees and suck on my jumbo sized dick in the forest! Just the thought of a phallic hotdog was enough to get Khloe Kapri horny, so imagine when she saw how hard my cock was! Khloe Kapri wanted to practice her deep-throating skills so she sucked my dick and took it all the way down her dirty whore mouth! Just as the grill was getting cold, Khloe Kapri’s pussy was getting warmer–and wetter! I fucked Khloe Kapri’s tight pussy on the park bench and twisted her perky, pierced nipples until I was ready to cum all over her pretty face! I fucking love cookouts with Khloe Kapri!

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