Lost in Lust with Kiki Minaj and Akasha Cullen

We hooked up with these two loose girls that wanted to party. Tony was talking his game and testing the waters. He was letting Akasha Cullen know how good at oral he was, and how they should try it out. Meanwhile Kiki Minaj and James were looking at a map. JJ took charge and wanted to see some ass, so he asked if they were going to party or what? The booty started to shake, but we still couldn’t see the ass. Akasha Cullen was a little surprised and excited to take her shorts off and show her plump ass. These sexy ladies both shook their booties in their panties. Kiki Minaj was on fire, so she got on her knees and introduced herself to James’ cock. Akasha Cullen warmed up to Tony, so she could see how good he was at licking pussy. She wasn’t let down as she moaned and quivered with pleasure. The guys also got more then they expected because Akasha Cullen loved to get her ass filled. After a few hot positions, the two loose party girls got some serious facials.

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