Ava Dalush gets Caught by His Wife’s Friend

While his wife is away Brick Danger decides to indulge in one of his fantasies through the use of the internet. He gets interrupted because his wife leaves the door unlocked in her rush to get to work because of a call she received. Her friend Ava Dalush walks into the house looking for her and Brick Danger quickly closes his laptop. He lets her know that she isn’t home and lets her charge her phone for a couple of minutes. She takes his seat and opens his laptop to find porn on the screen. Brick Danger quickly rushes over to close his laptop and take it to the couch. Ava Dalush follows him over telling him not to be embarrassed and that she also enjoys porn, she even wants to take a look at what he was watching. They share a moment and Brick Danger lets her know his wife isn’t any fun in the sack! (only missionary) Ava Dalush is a little more adventurous and offers to give him what he wants. Brick Danger knows this is how a porn scene starts and what’s going to happen next!

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