Sexy Babe Kendall Karson Fucks a Office Crush

Kris Slater was pulled into a meeting and found out he was fired. On his way out, he lets his co-worker Kendall Karson in on what happened. He mentions that the job sucked but, seeing and talking to her was the best part of it. Saying that melts Kendall Karson’s heart and there is not a way that Kris Slater is going to leave the job with a bad taste in his mouth when he can leave with a taste of Kendall Karson’s sweet pussy.

One comment to “Sexy Babe Kendall Karson Fucks a Office Crush

  1. clit licker

    What a video by Kendall Karson. Super hot. Would love to funk her. In every hole with some oil and a diode.

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