Stepmom Bianca Breeze bangs the boyfriend with her

Gavin wants to surprise his girlfriend, Jade Nile, with welcoming home party. He has to pick her up from the bus stop. She’s been gone way too long. Gavin misses her and can’t wait to see her. Jade Nile’s step-mom Bianca Breeze offered to drive. On the way to the bus stop, The step-mom Bianca Breeze had something else in mind. She pulled over the car and unzipped Gavin’s pants to suck his cock. He couldn’t believe what was happening. After picking up Jade Nile, they went back to the house to get the party started. The Step-mom Bianca Breeze was horny and wanted to fuck. Jade Nile was either going to sit there and watch or join in on the threesome. Gavin is one lucky bastard. He fucked both the GF and the step-mom Bianca Breeze. Enjoy.

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