Teach Me How To Squirt: Part Two

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Devoted husband Ryan McLane wonders what’s up with his wife Gabi Paltrova. She seems quieter than usual, and refuses to eat her tacos at dinner. Assuming she’s dieting to try to lose weight, he decides to prove that he loves her body just the way it is.

He brings her to bedroom to have sex, but their bed is soaking wet. And he can’t understand why, until Gabi Paltrova asks him to make her cum, so she can show him a new trick she’s been practicing with her pussy. Lying in bed, she lifts her dress and places his fingers ever so slightly inside her pussy. After a minute of massage, a stream of liquid squirts from her pussy. He watches in amazement, while she juices and cums, begging him to rub her clit. Gabi Paltrova’s pussy gushes like a faucet onto the bed, filling Ryan McLane with pride for his wife’s squirting pussy. She rewards him with a blowjob, before letting him fuck her and squirting on his cock. Whatever’s gotten into her, Ryan McLane loves the new Gabi Paltrova, and leaves a cum deposit on her face.

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