Sexting with Aubrey Rose & Jade Dylan

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Download Sexting with Aubrey Rose & Jade Dylan - We Live Together - Reality Kings

Sophia Leone and Jade Dylan are an item, Aubrey Rose has always been a bit jealous of her sister’s girlfriend. After weeks of lusting, she finally made her move. Aubrey Rose sent Jade Dylan a sexy video message where she masturbates and calls out to Jade Dylan to join her if she feels the same way about her. Yup, Jade felt the same way. Wanting to have her cake and eat it too, Jade Dylan slips out of Sophia Leone’s bed and sneaks her way into Aubrey Rose’s room where she is still masturbating. Now that Jade Dylan has arrived, the party can start. Pussy licking and scissoring reach a crazy climax till Sophia Leone comes in and almost catches them in the act.

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