A Photo Shoot with the Stepdaughter Alice March

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Alice March is sexy, but she’s also crafty. Alice March knows how to get what she wants, and in today’s update of Bang POV, she wanted her stepfathers cock in her ass. She’d been dreaming about it all week. So, once mom was out. Alice March asked her stepdad to take some innocent pictures of her that kept getting sexier and sexier. Until she had given her prey a rock hard boner. Then she went in for the kill by offering to relieve the pressure. Alice March gave her stepdad a surprisingly skilled blowjob, but didn’t finish him off. Alice March still wanted him to fuck her ass, and she told him. He pounded Alice March’s tight pussy for a bit, but she spent the afternoon getting her asshole stretched and pounded, just like she wanted, until she got to taste her stepfathers cum.

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