Katrina Jade in I Fucked Your Scout Leader

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When Tommy Gunn picks up his daughter too early from girl scouts, the scout leader Katrina Jade invites him inside while they wait for the group to return. Tommy Gunn makes idle chit-chat, asking about his daughter’s progress since his divorce from her mother. Katrina Jade assures him she’s happy and well adjusted. Tommy Gunn can’t help noticing Katrina Jade is not a typical wholesome scout leader. She’s covered in tattoos, and her dress is very short. Tommy Gunn offers to wait in the car. But Katrina Jade talks him into staying, telling him the story of how she became scout leader. Her boss gave her the title because she was the prettiest scout. Tommy Gunn finds it interesting there are no other qualifications, like tying a knot or building a fire. He congratulates her on her achievement, and agrees she’s very pretty. Katrina Jade likes Tommy Gunn. Determined to put another badge on her sash, Katrina Jade riles him up, unearthing his bulging cock from confinement. Tommy Gunn tries to pretend the blow job isn’t happening, but he can’t ignore it forever. She’s sucking his dick too well, drawing too much blood to his love organ, away from his brain. He eats her pussy like a girl scout cookie, and fucks her wet snatch, getting them both off, before the girls get back!

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