Teach Me How To Squirt: Part One

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When newlywed Gabi Paltrova confides that her husband never made her orgasm, sister-in-law Maddy O’Reilly tells her she needs to experience a proper G-spot orgasm, if she wants her marriage to work. Maddy O’Reilly helps her sister-in-law locate the elusive G-spot, lifting Gabi Paltrova’s dress and showing her where to touch herself down there, and how to slowly rock her hands back and forth. Gabi Paltrova feels weird rubbing her naked pussy in front of her sister-in-law, so Maddy O’Reilly strips from the waist down, and starts masturbating too. After a minute of self-massage, liquid shoots from Gabi Paltrova’s pussy through the air, onto the coffee table. Gabi Paltrova’s trying to cope with the shock and surprise of her first squirt, when the doorbell rings. Apparently, Maddy O’Reilly invited G-spot specialist Chad White White to teach Gabi Paltrova how to squirt. Gabi Paltrova is reluctant to cheat on her husband, especially in such a vulgar threesome, with his sister and another guy. But Maddy O’Reilly convinces Gabi Paltrova she’ll be saving her marriage. Chad White and Maddy O’Reilly lay on either side of Gabi Paltrova, caressing her legs, slowly approaching Gabi Paltrova’s squirting pussy. Gabi Paltrova moans while Chad White rubs her vulva and circles her clit. He expertly fingers her pussy, filling her glands with liquid squirt. Then Maddy joins in, making Gabi Paltrova cum in her mouth, while Chad White fucks the juice from her pussy!

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