Sexual Counseling with Kayla Green

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Angelica dragged her fiancee Kai Taylor to couples therapy as a last attempt to salvage their relationship. She was referred to Dr. Kayla Green by a friend and figured she could give her a shot and see if it helps their relationship at all. Dr. Kayla Green has an extremely visionary and cutting edge technique with a high success rate. As part of the strained couple’s therapy they were asked to cover their eyes and meditate on the early days of their relationship. The doctor waited until Angelica was lost in thought and she discreetly started fondling Kai Taylor and eventually pulled his dick out to suck on. Angelica was none the wiser and felt they were really making a breakthrough. Dr. Kayla Green slowly made her way back to her desk and asked both of them to open their eyes after putting away Kai Taylor’s member. Kayla Green advised Angelica to allow her the chance to schedule individual sessions with her to allow them both to vent and be as candid as possible without the other partner judging or influencing their answers. She agreed and allowed Kai Taylor to go first while she left to get a cup of coffee for a half hour or so. As soon as she left Kai Taylor and the good doctor started fucking each other’s brains out. Not sure if this therapy will salvage their relationship but Kai Taylor will definitely want to keep having his special, little sessions.

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