Playing Hooky with India Summer & Alexa Grace

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When Alexa Grace and Jessy Jones cut class to go home and finish the blow job she started in the car, the last thing they’re expecting when they get to her house is for their teacher India Summer to let herself in. Miss India Summer had a sneaking suspicion she’d find them at home playing hooky. And with Alexa Grace being precariously close to failing the class, she doesn’t think either of them will want to disobey her. Confident they’ll come to an arrangement that’s mutually satisfying, she gives them the option of telling their parents, or working it out between the three of them. The stern brunette sits beside them authoritatively and unzips Jessy Jones’s trousers. She pulls out his hard dick and feeds it to Alexa Grace. She watches them have oral sex, before helping herself to a mouthful of cock. After he fucks her face for a few minutes, Jessy Jones lets Miss India Summer put his penis in Alexa Grace’s pussy. The educator strips down naked and positions her shaved pussy in front of Alexa Grace’s face so the teen can eat her out while bouncing up and down on Jessy Jones’s cock. When Jessy Jones fucks a few orgasms out of his teen squeeze, he conquers his teacher’s quim, while she licks Alexa Grace’s luscious lower lips. Miss India Summer really wants her students to learn their lesson about skipping her class. If she has to hammer it into their brains, like Jessy Jones is jackhammering her pussy, she won’t stop until she cums. And when Jessy Jones pummels Alexa Grace from behind until she cums, the MILF and her protege jack Jessy Jones’s dick til he unloads his cum on their faces.

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