The Mistaken Baby Maker Zoe Parker

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Download The Mistaken Baby Maker Zoe Parker - Teens Pies - Team Skeet

Chad overhears his girlfriend Zoe Parker congratulating one of her friends on how adorable her new little one is. She also mentions how she cant wait to have one of her own. Chad overhears this, and gets nervous when Zoe Parker says he may not be ready. He has to prove himself to her. He whisks her away to the living room and starts to fuck her almost instantaneously. He knows his nut gets more potent after a good BJ, so he allows Zoe Parker to suck on it until his balls become full. Then he rams out her tight little twat until he gives Zoe Parker what she has secretly been wishing for… A baby!! Zoe Parker’s reaction was not a welcoming one. It turns out that she was on the phone talking about a puppy. Oh well, I guess we cant blame Chad for being concerned/trying. There is always Plan B ;)

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