My Ex Sara Luvv is Crazy

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When crazy ex-girlfriend Sara Luvv is still stalking Michael Vegas six months after their break up, not even a restraining order can help him find peace from this girl. Sixty missed calls in two hours! Michael Vegas is stressing out over the crazy number of messages she leaves on his phone, but Sara Luvv is freaking out with jealousy after seeing him with another girl. Sara Luvv lets herself into his house without permission, and confronts him while he’s coming out of the shower, that he’s a cheater, that she loves him, and that she’s desperate to touch him.

Sara Luvv is yelling at him one minute, flirting the next, and crying too. Michael Vegas doesn’t know what to do except try to calm her down. She keeps begging to have sex with him, so Michael Vegas gives in, one last time. She sounds like a lunatic, demanding to be called his princess, and frankly Michael Vegas is scared to do anything that will set her off again. Better to just shut up, lick her pussy, make her cum and get her the hell away. He placates her by fucking her with his hard cock to keep her calm. Feeding her delusions, and her pussy, he fucks her till she orgasms, then he takes her pussy from behind and cums all over her tits. And as she drifts off to sleep, he calls 911.

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