Lessons From Mommy

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Teen Uma Jolie is miffed because her step mother Savana Styles never offered to teach her how to work in the massage business, like she taught her real daughter. The sexy French MILF agrees to take Uma Jolie under her wing right away, helping the little teenager out of her bra and panties, while undressing herself too. Once Uma Jolie is positioned lying chest down on the bed, Savana Styles drizzles the NURU gel across Uma Jolie’s back, then slathers some gel on herself. She straddles her step daughter’s prone oiled body, and drags her breasts slowly from the base of Uma Jolie’s ass all the way up her back, keeping a heavy downward pressure. But Uma Jolie is hyper-aware of feeling her mom’s pussy pressing into her. Savana Styles assures Uma Jolie it’s completely normal, and the next part will be even better. Savana Styles turns her onto her tummy and slides up and down her front. Uma Jolie can’t believe she does this with her real daughter too. When it’s Uma Jolie’s turn to be the masseuse, the teen apprentice loves the slippery wet sensation of sliding up and down her mom’s body. For the next part Savana Styles wants Uma Jolie to lick her pussy, for the practice she needs to learn these skills properly. Uma Jolie has a choice though, she can be a good daughter, or a bad daughter. Uma Jolie chooses to please her mother, and obediently licks her mom’s pussy and probes her with her fingers, sucking her clit till she cums. After wowing her mom with her lesbian talents, it’s Uma Jolie’s turn to have her mother’s tongue licking her swollen pink pussy till an orgasm rips through her. The masseuse and her protege get into scissor position, they rub out one more, tribbing their lubed up pussies, cumming again at the same time.

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