Neighbor’s Snobby Wife Courtney Taylor

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Snobby Courtney Taylor is supremely annoyed to find her nerdy neighbor Tyler Nixon swimming in her pool. Even worse, when he shows up at the spa where she works, wanting a massage from her, or else he’ll inform everyone with the news that she works there, in one of his famous online reviews. And that would never fly with her husband because he doesn’t know and would be furious if he found out. Courtney Taylor reluctantly agrees to the NURU massage, but she can’t hide her impatience around Tyler Nixon, and she won’t let the little twerp lay a finger on her. Tyler Nixon should be grateful to spend any time with her. Courtney Taylor even makes an effort to be nicer, but Tyler Nixon keeps pushing her limits, grabbing her huge boobs, copping a feel of her pussy, until she draws the line. Massage over! Tyler Nixon tries to reason with his hoity-toity neighbor, as a paying customer he deserves better service, he want the massage he paid for, and on top of that, he wants to know why she’s such a bitch. Courtney Taylor doesn’t know why, but she likes Tyler Nixon’s theory, that she’s reacting to the neighbors who feel threatened by her beauty. Courtney Taylor rewards him with a tasty treat, like he was her pet, and lets him go wild fucking her pussy till he blows his load. Bingo Tyler Nixon ;)

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