Native Girl Samantha Parker with Gunz

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When your working at the XXX PAWNSHOP, sometimes you get a little surprise that you never see coming. This little NAVAJO GIRL walked into my shop looking to sell her EX-BOYFRIENDS gun. She told me her name was Samantha Parker and that she was DESPERATE for CASH to get away from her psycho ex. Samantha Parker told me he was a gun collector and one of those survivalist types, so that got me nervous and asked her to conduct our XXX PAWNSHOP business in the back. Where there were no window and I had a chance to check out her fine petite SIOUX body. Samantha Parker wanted to sell me this run of the mill shotgun for $900! I was like slow down here Poka-hot ass. I’ll give you $400 if you SUCK MY DICK and let me FUCK that sweet WAMPANOAG ASS. I’ll even throw in an extra $100 if she let me FILM her getting fucked. Samantha Parker really needed the money and by the sound of her DESPERATION, she agreed to let me plow my mighty white dick into her tight CHINOOK pussy. It was good day over here at the XXX PAWNSHOP. Now I just hope her crazy gun totting Ex doesn’t come here looking for her.

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