The Neighborhood Brat Alex Grey: Part Two

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When Jessy Jones heads to his new neighbor’s house to borrow a tool, he’s extremely disturbed by what he witnesses through the window. The people he just met, who introduced themselves as father and daughter, were hardcore fucking in their living room. Out of concern for the teen’s wellbeing, Jessy Jones decides to go over there and confront the father. But when the dad’s not home, Jessy Jones tries to get the daughter Alex Grey to trust him and accept his help. He confides what he saw her father doing to her. Alex Grey scoffs at the suggestion that she could be a victim. On the contrary, Tommy Gunn is just her stepfather. And she is the one taking advantage. Because she always gets everything she wants. Jessy Jones thinks she’s sick. But Alex Grey means business, the incorrigible girl instigates him to fuck her by giving him an ultimatum. If he leaves without fucking her, she’ll tell the whole neighbourhood he’s a burglar. Stuck between a rock and hard place, Jessy Jones does the brat’s bidding, fucking her pussy and cumming on her pretty face!

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