Slutty Natalia Starr fucks her Boss to keep her job

Johnny Sins is the CEO of Brazzers Café, and he’s going undercover to spend a day posing as a lowly minimum wage sap in one of his locations. As soon as he gets there he can tell that this place isn’t the well-oiled machine he thought it was. The waitresses are mistreating all the customers, and the manager Natalia Starr is making her waitresses have slutty competitions! Johnny Sins puts an end to that and tells Natalia Starr she’s fired, but the slutty babe will do whatever it takes to save her job! She sucks and fucks his big dick while Johnny Sins sucks, squeezes, and worships those big natural tits of hers, finally covering Natalia Starr’s pretty face in a nice gooey facial cumshot!

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