The Big Game

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Download Christiana Cinn & Tiffany Watson in The Big Game - Teacher Fucks Teens - Nubiles
Download Christiana Cinn & Tiffany Watson in The Big Game - Teacher Fucks Teens - Nubiles

Christiana Cinn is picking up Tiffany Watson and Rion King for the big game. Rion King is ready, but Tiffany Watson isn’t. When Christiana Cinn goes upstairs to check on her, Tiffany Watson is mostly naked! She agrees to let Christiana Cinn live out her dreams and try on a cheerleading uniform, and soon both girls down to their thongs and comparing their boobs.

When Rion King comes upstairs to see what’s taking them so long, he spies the girls massaging one another’s tits. He steps in after Christiana Cinn offers to teach Tiffany Watson some things, and soon finds himself in the middle of a threesome with his favorite teacher and the girl he likes. Looking down at the two girls as they work together to suck him off, Rion King knows that he is in heaven.

When Christiana Cinn tells Tiffany Watson to lay back and then helps Rion King work his way into her twat, her moans of excitement fill the room. Once Christiana Cinn has made sure that her students are situated, she plants her own pussy on Tiffany Watson’s mouth to give the blonde a lesson in eating out a woman. Soon all three are eagerly fucking and sucking as the lessons get hotter and hornier.

Urging Tiffany Watson into a 69 that lets the blonde eat out her teacher’s creamy snatch, Christiana Cinn makes sure that Rion King is in the proper position to take Tiffany Watson from behind. That setup is just what Tiffany Watson needs to have a powerful orgasm that brings Rion King over the edge, too. When he pulls out to cum on Tiffany Watson’s back and Christiana Cinn’s face, he leaves both of his lovers fully content and happily covered in his jizz.

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