Good Little Girl: Part Five

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Download Jessa Rhodes & Piper Perri in Good Little Girl: Part Five - Pretty Dirty
Download Jessa Rhodes & Piper Perri in Good Little Girl: Part Five - Pretty Dirty

Charity (Jessa Rhodes) is back at her scheme, regardless of Mr. Chase’s (Steven St. Croix) threats. She knows his deepest darkest secret, and soon, Bookworm (Piper Perri) will too. Charity (Jessa Rhodes) puts on a display for Bookworm (Piper Perri), accusing her stepdad of attacking her, but Bookworm (Piper Perri) knows she needs to find out the truth for herself. She barges into her stepdad’s room, to find him in the midst of blowing his load all over her mother’s photograph. She falls to her knees hoping the accusations can’t be true, and Mr. Chase (Steven St. Croix) just stands there with his throbbing empty cock hanging inches from her pretty little face as he sets the record straight. He teaches Bookworm (Piper Perri) not only that Charity (Jessa Rhodes) has been up to no good, but that she was right. When he saw them having lesbian sex, and then Charity’s (Jessa Rhodes) video of Roger taking his good little girl’s virginity with his massive cock, he wished that it was him instead, experiencing those naughty things, and witnessing his good little girl become a woman. Bookworm (Piper Perri) inches closer to her daddy’s cock, asking if good little girl’s kiss it with their little teeny mouths. Mr. Chase (Steven St. Croix), just can’t resist telling her that it’s exactly what he wants. With all the buildup he’s had this whole time, and with his freshly deflowered girl inches from his throbbing cock they inevitably seal the deal. Bookworm (Piper Perri) takes her daddy’s cock deep in her throat while he moans in pleasure, knowing his sin will inevitably end up in full blown daddy daughter sex. But when Charity (Jessa Rhodes) shows up to manage the whole situation, no one can resist the intense pleasures to cum, even if it ends in hours of therapy… and an accident that will shock the nation.

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