Violet Starr Tans Her Ass

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Download Violet Starr Tans Her Ass - 8th Street Latinas - Reality Kings
Download Violet Starr Tans Her Ass - 8th Street Latinas - Reality Kings

Violet Starr snuck into a friends tanning room after she realized no one was around. Violet Starr wanted to keep her body tan line free, so she peeled off her skin tight outfit and oiled herself down. Once she was catching the rays, she got that tingling sensation between her legs while she was taking selfies. She turned herself on, so she started touching the tingle. Violet Starr was so deep into her toy box, she didn’t notice Ramon Nomar walk in. Ramon Nomar’s jaw dropped like one of those silly cartoon characters. He creeped in and got up close and personal. Her excited pussy was a site to see, but he got to excited as well. While he was banging his man banana and bumped into the tanning bed. Violet Starr freaked out, but realized she wasn’t supposed to be there and started to beg for Ramon Nomar not to say anything. With his cock in hand, he was kind of in the same position. Once she got an eye full of his cock she wanted a mouth full. Since they were both perving out, it only made sense to help each other. Violet Starr slobbered on him, and he slobbered on her then Ramon Nomar really turned the heat up on her tanning bed. Violet Starr’s innocent tanning session turned into a harcore cock engagement. Violet Starr will never again look at a tanning bed the same.

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